Case study

1-Less Chore

Connecting customer to convenient door-to-door Dry Cleaning & Garment Care delivery services.

About This Project

Saving customers time and money with the convenience of managing free pick up and delivery services online.

Reflecting award winning Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery Services with cohesive, on brand, website and mobile experiences.
1-Less Chore is not only a pick up and delivery service for your dirty clothes, they are invested in making their customers lives easier with convenient online and mobile pickup scheduling and account management.

StoryTelling provides an engaging mobile experience to securely connect and share with loved ones. Users sign up, invite contacts, upload images and videos, view and record stories, insert commentary and meta details to create a dynamic sharing network between family and friends.


  • Project managment
  • UX/UI Design
  • Content strategy


  • Ideation
  • Website design
  • Development

Building trust with clients in a remote environment

Working closely with 1-Less Chore stakeholders to reinvent their website, mobile experience and digital marketing strategies to increase new customer signups and provide professional delivery services that existing costumers love.

Cohesive company brand across platforms

1-Less Chore had recently updated the Van Wrap design for their fleet of delivery vehicles with updated logo, messaging, bold colors and patterns. Our goal was to apply the new brand strategy across the website and mobile experience.
Result: The new Van Wrap design laid the groundwork to update Company Brand Guidelines and the Digital Design System that now represents the face of 1-LessChore across digital marketing, website and mobile applications. Now when customers visit they experience a recognizable brand in the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Delivery Service, that they know they can trust.

Improved digital messaging
& content strategy

We know customers will visit your website with a purpose, to find out what you do, how you do it better than the competition, and learn what to do to get started. Our goal was to provide 1-Less Chore customers with clear, uncomplicated information on Services and Pricing and calls to action to easily ‘Schedule a Pickup’.

Result: After in-depth competitor and user research, analyzing vertical market analytics and reviewing the competition, we identified the primary intentions of website visitors in this category and strategized to align user actions that with the goal of our client… to increase new customer signups.

The new site provides simplified navigation that prioritizes the most visited information viewed by users. Updated content is informative and paired with dynamic visuals to quickly identify and comprehend important details. Fun engaging videos are highlighted with services to further build existing and new customer confidence. With clear calls to action and concise messaging, new customers are sure to ‘Schedule a Pickup’ with 1-Less Chore.

Increased new customer signup & mobile app downloads

Utilizing a 3rd party POS System for online and mobile account management, our goal was to increase online customer registration and encourage mobile app downloads.

Result: Scheduling a Pickup and Downloading the Mobile App has never been easier. Directing visitors on how to get started are presented in an engaging yet uncluttered call to action throughout the site making it easier that ever to signup for 1-Less Chore.

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