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StoryTelling mobile app

Working with an innovative startup to preserve your past and share your memories with friends and family with StoryTelling.

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About This Project

Photos and videos record moments in time but what if you have a story to tell and could preserve and share the feeling of those moments?

As people grow older history can fade and the detail of an experience can get lost with time. The StoryTelling app began with an idea to preserve and share details about special moments that come with taking photos and video clips.

StoryTelling provides an engaging mobile experience to securely connect and share with loved ones. Users sign up, invite contacts, upload images and videos, view and record stories, insert commentary and meta details to create a dynamic sharing network between family and friends.


  • Product Owner
  • User Experience Manager
  • Product design lead
  • Content Strategy
  • Scrum master


  • Product Strategy
  • Roadmaps
  • Ideation
  • Product Requirements
  • Authored User Stories
  • User Experience Design
  • Product Design
  • Hi-Fidelity Prototypes

Building the StoryTelling mobile app

Learning who the customer is and what problem are we trying to solve is where the product journey begins. We began with a deep dive into user research and talked to families and friends with multiple generations to build our personas.

Question we ask:

  1. How do you share or chronicle your history and traditions with other generations?
  2. Is it easy to view and share photos or videos with contacts that are currently on you mobile devices?
  3. Do you have a secure way to privately connect and share with your own family circle?
  4. Would an easy solution to share your stories with your friends and family benefit you?

The response was over whelming across generations. Older generations feel a need to pass down stories and knowledge to their families. Younger generations want to connect and share life experiences in more creative ways.

Mapping the user journey

Product Strategy & User Experience

Through ideation, design sprints and planning meetings we identified what to build, how to rollout features and when. We prioritized the MVP deliverables, planned roadmap, and commenced the user experience design process including end to end journey mapping, interaction architecture and wire framing.

Authoring Product Requirements & User Stories

Dozens of detailed Product Requirement Documentation (PRD) and User Stories were authored and reviewed with cross-functional development teams to ensure the complete vision was communicated properly, cutting down on the guess work and iterations.

Product Design to Development

To attract and retain new users our goal was to provide an easy onboarding experience that would allow users to start creating a community of sharing quickly. Dynamic features included the ability to access mobile meta data, photos, videos and contact list and the ability to create auto albums to start the users off with a fully populated interactive home page from the get go.

Hi-fidelity prototyping

We create a range of lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes to showcase product design, test interactions and usability before development begins. Each phase of review goes throughs user testing and iterations before features are approved for development.

Following design sign-off, development and interaction requirements are authored, kick-off meetings are scheduled with development teams and expectations and questions are openly communicated across teams.

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Creating a cohesive sharing experiences across platforms.

The StoryTelling app was initially conceived to be an extension of Rosy, the Family Sharing in-home IOT platform. Rosy provides a large display and telephony abilities for your home to create a truly engaging experience for your family and friends.

Project Summary

Developing a new product from the ground up includes layers and layers of planning to define functionality and identify cause and effect scenarios that are beyond the high-level pretty front end. Collaborating with stakeholders and cross functional teams is critical to identify and get ahead of scenarios that will need additional resolution. This project benefited from well rounded experience that could span across many cross-functional roles including Product Strategy, Product Management, User Experience and Product Design.

Future features include video conferencing, secure sharing communities, and auto books.

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