Life of a Product Lifecycle Specialist

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create experiences
people love.

from ideas to launch, refined for over 20 years...

Product Lifecycle Specialist

Meet Krissy

A multifaceted product lifecycle specialist, specializing in creating amazing digital marketing experiences, products and solutions from idea to launch.



I lead and mentor product teams to be bold with their ideas, communicate the vision, drive strategy and planning to execute business goals.



I transform emerging ideas into great experiences with focused UX design strategies, visual designs, hi-fidelity prototypes and front-end development.



I increase productivity across teams with streamlined processes and improved collaboration to accelerate the pace of deliverables.

Product Management

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Team Building

Building relationships, trust, sharing knowledge and inspiring collaboration to achieve the best results with the least amount of friction.

Agile Scrum

Customizing Agile methods and best practices within all types of organizations from small start-ups to large complex Product, Design and Development teams.

Training Workshops

Providing personalized Agile Coaching and Product Design Workshops to share knowledge, promote growth and productivity within teams.

build happy product teams

INSPIRE and bring out the best in YOUR TEAM

Work with an experienced product lifecycle leader to help your team innovate, problem solve and launch faster by implementing best practices and streamlining internal workflows.

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Looking for full service design and development support for your internal team? UXDS will transform your ideas and design needs into thoughtful, actionable deliverables… FAST.

ProDesign plan

Transform ideas into experiences with UX focused product design, when you need it.

ProLaunch plan

Have full service product design support in place to create the right solutions for your business.

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Together we can create new products, level up what you’ve got and supercharge your process.

Looking to retain senior-level design support for one flat rate?

Check out my subscription based design services at 

Looking to retain
senior-level design support?

Check out my subscription based design services at