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Sleep Score Labs

Creating innovative digital solutions to improve your sleep, mental well-being and overall health.

About this project

SleepScore is helping thousands improve sleep with advanced mobile app technology to track sleep, receive personalized advice, and 1:1 support… backed by Science.

SleepScore Labs offers a dynamic sleep tracking mobile app, desktop portal and White Label SaaS options for B2B partners.


  • Senior product manager
  • User experience lead
  • Partner project manager
  • Release manager


  • Ideation strategy
  • Product roadmap
  • Product requirements
  • User stories
  • UX design
  • Product design
  • Hi-fidelity prototypes


  • Mobile app
  • iOS
  • Andriod
  • Desktop
  • White label SaaS
  • Partner platform

Product management and design

I joined SleepScore labs from 2021-2022 as a cross functional Product Manager, specializing in user experience, product design and internal operations. My focus was to bring new interactive features and improved functionality to the evolving white-label mobile app and desktop platforms. 

Day in a life at SleepScore

Product Strategy and roadmaps

Through ideation, design sprints and planning meetings we identified what to build, how to rollout features and when. Working with cross-functional product teams and stakeholders, we set goals to continuously deliver value to users and white label business partners.  

Authoring Product Requirements & User Stories

Dozens of detailed Product Requirement Documentation (PRD) and User Stories were authored and reviewed with design and  development teams to ensure the complete vision was communicated properly, cutting down on the guess work and iterations.

Identifying workflows and user journey

In Figma, I developed in-depth workflow architecture maps to document the flow of data from the onboarding and sleep tracking experiences and the impact to the backend development. 

In addition, end-to-end user and customer support journey maps, were also created to understand the expected user interactions across products, platforms and features from onboarding to continued daily use. 

Product design and hi-fidelity prototyping

We created a range of lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes to showcase product design, test interactions and usability before development began across mobile and desktop platforms. Each phase of review went  through early stage user testing and iterations before features were approved for development.

IoS and Android compatible features


Streamlining internal operations to accelerate deliverables and releases new features faster.

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