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Steren Solutions

Ecommerce Business Systems Manager

Managing and implementing workflow best practices across ecommerce, marketing, design & development teams.

About this project

Steren Solutions has provided electronic connectivity products to consumers, businesses and distributors for over 60 years. 

Representing a unique space among electronic retailers, first as a manufacturer with diversity credentials, offering over 3,000 branded products and award-wining technology, and second, an electronics solution provider offering consumer sales and B2B and distribution services. 


  • Ecommerce business systems manager
  • Head of marketing
  • Design lead
  • Operations


  • Leadership
  • Internal process workflow
  • Inventory management
  • Digital marketing
  • Brand identity
  • UX/UI design
  • Content strategy
  • Development


  • Ecommerce
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Ebay
  • B2C
  • B2B
  • D2C

Ecommerce business systems manager + marketing, design and development lead.

Delivering ecommerce solutions and corporate rebrand,  enhancing services to consumers, B2B and D2B partners in record time.

I worked with Steren Solutions in 2021, in a joint collaboration with an investment partner, to fill the role of Ecommerce Business Systems Manager and direct manager for ecommerce, marketing and development teams.  In this role, I collaborated directly with stakeholders and internal teams to identify operational business requirements with enough detail and clarity to design, implement and sustain ongoing operations. 

Day in a life at Steren

Consolidated ecommerce platforms and inventory distribution


After decades of evolution, Steren had several websites that needed to be consolidated into one ecommerce inventory management platform in order to better control inventory, increase sales and deliver a cohesive experience to customers.  

Responsibilities included:

  • Overseeing ecommerce, Amazon Marketplace and eBay inventory management. 
  • Ensure all SKU’s are set up accurately with product attributes, product categorization, key words, SEO support.
  • Implement and optimize navigation based on current product assortment and seasonality.
  • Design and launch new Steren Solutions ecommerce platform.
  • Sunset outdated websites and platforms.


Steren Solutions pivoted from brick and mortar stores to focus on ecommerce sales and distribution solutions.

In 3 months we launched a new consumer ecommerce experience to allow everyday consumers access to specialized products, wholesale prices and bulk purchasing, in alignment with sales through Amazon marketplace and eBay. 

Streamlined internal workflows


With recent restructuring, there was a need to implement new internal processes and workflows to provide structure to evolving business systems and collaboration between teams. 


Focused on streamlining internal ecommerce, marketing and development processes across teams, we introduced agile scrum methodologies that dramatically improved communication, collaboration and accelerated deliverables.

  • Implemented scrum processes
  • Defined product roadmaps
  • Set up project workflows in Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • Facilitated scrum ceremonies and reviews

Rebranded corporate identity, business and marketing strategies


From decades of evolution, Steren had many avenues to offer B2C, B2B, and D2B services across industries. Our goal was to consolidate information and service support onto a single portal, accessible from the corporate website. 


Purchase Steren products at, or shop Amazon, Ebay or Walmart.


Helping businesses thrive by providing quality products and superior services our store front customers can depend on.


Distribution and logistics services that offer fulfillment solutions to retailers or ship directly to your customers.


Launched a new digital brand in record time  

The Steren Solutions corporate brand launched in early 2021 and now clearly showcases the range of experience and services that Steren Solutions has to offer it’s B2B and Distribution customers. The brand is clean, professional and represents the history of professionalism that they are known for internationally.

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